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Neil Hopkinson - Expedition Leader

Neil has been running off road adventures for over twenty five years building up a wealth of knowledge and experience second to none. Neil uses these skills to ensure that you will have an exciting and unforgettable adventure with Impala. He has also driven off-road vehicles since he was 15 years old and in the eighties was a Land Rover test driver, he also set up one of the first Off Road Driving schools in England, training over 500 off road drivers. As well as leading Impala expeditions, Neil is also a Porsche Driving Consultant and is a qualified RosPa driver. Impala Adventures is the embodiment of his dream from childhood to travel in the deserts of the World.

Manley Hopkinson - Expedition Leader

Ex-Naval Weapons Engineering officer Manley Hopkinson has been with Neil from the beginning of Impala Adventures. It was while they were racing in Morocco that a decision was made to start Impala as soon as they got home, which they duly did. Manley has led expeditions to Morocco, England and Wales for Impala. His leadership and navigation skills are immense and over the last few years he has had an insatiable appetite for adventure. Manley skippered the yacht Olympic Group around the World on the BT Global Challenge in 2000. He was also one of the team to win the first Walking race to the North Pole in 2003. All of his exploits are heard by many as he is an after dinner speaker of excellence. www.manleytalks.com

Louise Hopkinson-Impala Support

Louise has guided and cajoled Neil during the development of Impala Adventures as she is able to channel his exuberance for life and adventure in the right direction. Her business and interpersonal relationship skills are second to none and she is often the "Agony Aunt" for our clients if they have any concerns both before and during their adventure. Louise's is a very competent off-road driver in her own right, having crossed Lac Iriki by herself once or twice!. Her cooking and camp organisation skills are very welcome by all of the support because she will always have a ready meal and our tents prepared for us after a hard day in the desert.

Alec Stoner- Impala Support

Alec joined Impala in the summer of 2001 after enjoying two adventures with us to Morocco and Lybia. He has become a great friend and is one of our best support teams. His expertise lies in his leadership, navigation and search and rescue skills, Alec is a trained cartographer so reading maps is second nature. His caring support, motivation and enthusiasm are skills which enhance every adventure. Alec can always be relied upon to make the right decisions when confronted with a problem on route. Alec is supported by Mel in much the same way as Louise supports Neil.

Johnny Dover - Impala Support

Johnny is one of our best friends who has become one of the irreplacable members of the Impala support team. Johnny completed his training in the soft sand of the Plage Blanche on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast. He comes from a flying background and the discipline and quick thinking needed in the air is put to good effect as Impala Support. Johnny is always smiling and would do so to the ends of the Earth.

Robin Dalton - Impala Support

I first met Robin in Namibia at the Cardboard Box backpackers lodge whilst I was running a reconnaissance for our first Namibian Adventure. He asked if he could join us and quite frankly has never looked back. He has a quiet strength which clients find very comforting when the dunes are difficult or the day is long. His driving skills are far above his own perception.

Mark Birch - Impala Support

I met Mark in the eighties while I was instructing at Palmersport when he had just left school. He competes very successfully in Off Road Competitions all over the world. Mark has built up immense skill in extracting a stuck car with a sympathy that has to be seen to be believed. His many skills include navigation, an understanding of the wildlife in the desert and forests as well as being a good companion in the depths of the Russian forest.