Customer Testimonial
Jackie and Graham

Jackie and Graham

Jackie and Graham

Why did you choose Impala over other adventure companies

Impala adventures uses a roadbook method of navigation, with support vehicles, rather than a convoy approach. This made a great difference for us when choosing a company to go with. This really is an adventure, rather than ‘follow the leader’. An Impala adventure daily tests and develops our navigation and driving skills. Real teamwork, in your own vehicle and with others you may choose to accompany that day. You are individually part of a team if that makes sense. We have done a convoy type trip with another company, no contest – Impala is a much more interesting and engaging approach for us. The comradeship developed around the evening campfire discussing your own version of the days adventures are special and make for fantastic memories. Neil is a great adventure leader and knows his stuff. Impala adventures are a charming mix of Neil and his team’s well organised professionalism developed over many years, plus just enough of the unexpected to make them a real adventure. That is why my wife and I keep coming back and why our daughter, who has also been on Impala Adventures wants her own Land Rover. Truly memorable, truly fun and have made several great friends on the journey. Looking forward to the next one – we are hooked.

Which Adventures Have You Been On

Wales, Lake District, Exmoor

Morocco – Plage Blanche & Sahara

Morocco – High Atlas & Sahara

Morocco – Cedar Forest & Sahara


Graham's Discovery TD5

Graham’s Discovery TD5

Which Vehicle Did You Use

Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 and more recently replaced by a Land Rover Defender 110 TDCi

Did you do any preparations to your vehicle before embarking on the adventure?

Yes, to each vehicle, Winch, Winch bumper, all terrain tyres, long range fuel tank, rock sliders, steering and differential guards, front and rear attachment points, ropes, shackles…. A roof tent is a great device to make sure you have comfort at the end of each day. We use a Maggiolina hardshell/roofbox type, which is excellent. Also had the vehicle fully serviced before and after the adventure, with any parts identified as possibly past their best, replaced (the vehicles are worked hard and better to change parts in UK!) and carried a comprehensive spares and tools pack.

How did you find using the roadbooks rather than convoying?

Roadbooks are an excellent method of approaching the adventure. This creates a more engaging experience, making the trip an adventure and a test of your own, your partner and your teams navigational skills, rather than convoying, where you are more dependent on others taking the lead – which may be ideal for some. For us, roadbooks allow more individualism and freedom on the adventure, meaning we could set our own pace and stop to see points of interest as we wished.

How did you find the wild camping?

Wild camping is great fun. I have to say, at first somewhat concerned. No en-suite!! However you soon learn that wet wipes are your new flexible friend and with that very British phobia out of the way, wildcamps become the best overnight stops, making hotels often a less welcome choice – the quality of the tent does make all the difference. Roof tents can be a wise investment. However after two or three wildcamp nights, the call of the hotel shower can become compelling!

Dune Driving in the Sahara

Dune Driving in the Sahara

What did you enjoy most about the adventure?

The adventure itself, the mutual dependence on the people around you to help in those tricky situations. You soon find out who your friends are when you are axle deep in soft sand! The navigation, the challenging driving, the scenery, meeting local people, seeing their culture in a way that is truly unique. You become part of the adventure, it becomes part of you. An amazing unforgettable experience.

Did you learn anything while on the adventure?

The importance of teaming and the people around you, the importance of the right vehicle, proper vehicle prep and keeping it simple. What works and what does not, and most importantly, how little you need to have a really good adventure with interesting people visiting interesting places… and how treasured those memories become. Oh and a good GPS and knowing how to use it before you set off!