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Neil and his team have been running off-road adventures for over thirty years and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience second to none. Impala uses these skills to ensure that you will have an exciting and unforgettable adventure with us.  Impala Adventures is the embodiment of Neil’s dream from childhood to travel the deserts of the World.

COVID-19: Due to the exceptional situation that we find ourselves in we have had to cancel all of our adventures to September 2020. We are hoping that the Cantabrian and Moroccan adventures will run, but expect that we may have to cancel those as travel will probably be restricted, due to there not  being a vaccination ready yet to combat this virus.

We will be posting 2021 and 2022 dates over the next few weeks , so keep safe and see you soon, Neil and The Impala Team.

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International Adventures
Link to: Namibia: Etosha, Kunene River and Kaokoland

The sand in the Ugab river is deep and our car is working hard. The sound of its engine bounces back off the high dark mountains that keep this sinuous river in its bed. Tall acacias grow here and it is prime desert elephant country, we have been following their tracks and dung, but it is old, weeks old so our chances of seeing this elusive iconic animal are slim indeed. Suddenly as we round one of the rivers bends, there they are, their grey mass almost hidden in a grove of tall trees. We stop quickly and turn our engines off so as not to worry them and sit enthralled as they saunter by, rumbling as they pass.

Deep in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve a small group sit under a camelthorn acacia around a fire at one of the campsites, Deception 6. Earlier in the day, only a couple of kilometres from here we had followed the spoor of a big male Lion who was walking slowly in the direction of our camp. There was an air of excited anticipation, albeit tinged with a fear of this powerful symbol of Africa. As the Milky Way filled the sky we heard him roar, quite close so as the camps here do not have fences we turned in for the night serenaded by his roars that got every closer, until he settled down some yards from our camp.

Link to: Botswana: The Kalahari Desert and The Makgadikgadi Pans
Link to: Morocco: The Cedar Forest and The Sahara

It is cold here deep in the Moroccan Sahara as the glow far in the east heralds the beginnings of a new day. The air is still, but as the sun creeps above the horizon, far quicker than you would imagine, a breath of cold air flows over us. Within minutes the awesome power of the sun has already pushed the temperature from near freezing to 20 degrees celsius. The day is going to be hot as we head off into the dune fields and gravel plains of this beautiful desert.

Spain is a land of mountains, valleys and escarpments that is teaming with tracks that wind across its landscapes. Our route will take you across the mountains of the Parque Natural Saya-Besaya, The massive escarpments of the Valle del Ebro and the rolling hills and valleys near Aquillar del Campoo. You will experience wonderful menu del dia’s along the way, one of which in the village of Alar Del Ray is reputed to make the best croquetas in the whole of Spain…..

Link to: Russia: The Ice Forest
Link to: Russia: The Ice Forest

Our camp for the night is beside a small river that flows into the White Sea, the forest is behind us and white sand leads down to the sea itself. The tide is out at the moment revealing a long expanse of weed covered rocks and shallow pools. We have just gutted a salmon and its innards are gently rolling down the river bed and Its not long before some gulls spot the remains and begin to squabble over them. Suddenly from the trees directly behind me, unheard a Sea Eagle launches itself and spreads its wings, gliding down, missing me by millimetres as its builds up speed and whisks the entrails from under the gulls noses………..

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