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Individually but never alone…

Impala Bespoke Adventures: Neil and his team have been running off-road adventures for over thirty years and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience second to none. Impala uses these skills to ensure that you will have an exciting, safe and unforgettable adventure with us. Each adventure not only encompasses some incredible journeys across landscapes but also interweaves the unique cultural aspects of the countries that we visit.

From 2024 we will only be running  adventures  in Namibia, Botswana and Morocco.

Professionally Researched Routes

Our roadbooks bring together the landscape, culture and wildlife of the countries that we visit and are carefully reconnoitered. This allows you the freedom to travel at your own pace secure in the knowledge that we are never far away.

7 Exciting Destinations

Whether it is a gentle Greenlane in England and Wales, Saltpans and bush in Botswana, that steep loose climb in Namibia or the high dunes of Ergg Chegega in Morocco, we have an adventure that will suit your wishes and desires.

Second to none Impala Support

We have developed a support team that has all of the skills and knowledge for any situation, from breakdowns to finding yourself stuck, we will be there.  Each day one or more of our team opens the route with the others sweeping behind some time after the last car has left the camp or hotel.

“individually but never alone ”

Link to: Morocco: The Heart of Morocco and The Sahara

It is cold here deep in the Moroccan Sahara as the glow far in the east heralds the beginnings of a new day. The air is still, but as the sun creeps above the horizon, far quicker than you would imagine, a breath of cold air flows over us. Within minutes the awesome power of the sun has already pushed the temperature from near freezing to 20 degrees celsius. The day is going to be hot as we head off into the dune fields and gravel plains of this beautiful desert.

Later that afternoon we are deep within the dunes of Ergg Chegega, camping in a bowl after an exhilarating day of sand driving. The heat of the day is still with us but as the sun dips below the dune crests the cold of the night begins. We make a campfire that keeps us warm as the Milky Way arches across the sky above us. In the shadows Desert Foxes flash by……..

Spain is a land of mountains, valleys and escarpments that is teaming with tracks that wind across its landscapes. Our route will take you across the mountains and through the forests of the Parque Natural Saya-Besaya, The massive escarpments of the Valle del Ebro, High mountain tracks in the Sierra del Demanda that climb up to 6000ft and the rolling hills and valleys near Aquillar del Campoo.

This landscape is full of Paleolithic Cave art and Hominoid remans so we spend some time in awe at Altamira, where the Bison painted on the cave roof are extraordinary. You will also be able to visit the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos on the way back to the ferry.

You will experience a few wonderful “menu del dia” along the way, one of which in the village of Alar Del Ray is reputed to make the best croquetas in the whole of Spain….

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